A brunch café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Meldone specializes in creatively mixing and matching from a colorful variety of ingredients to present diners hailing from all backgrounds with healthy and delicious meals.


The Comforting Aroma of
Fresh-Baked Bread

따옴표Every morning at Meldone begins with the rich aroma of fresh-baked bread. Baked in-house every day, Meldone takes extra care to produce the finest bread – softer and more delicate in texture than any other. Designed to melt in your mouth, our morning loaves form the basis for some of our most sought after dishes; from our signature classic French toast browned to perfection on a cast iron skillet, crisp toast groaning under a heaping of broccoli, figs, asparagus and more healthy goodness, to our popular chewy soft baguette sandwiches, a diverse range of ingredients and breads come together in our very own Meldone Way.따옴표

Rice, Salad and Soup

따옴표A healthy option guaranteed to keep your waistline trim and your taste buds delighted, our rice bowls are chock full of superfoods like salmon, quinoa and chickpeas. Those looking for fewer carbs and more greens can try our salad bowls, which come with generous helpings of fresh veggies. Last but not least, diners are highly encouraged to sample our Soup of the Day, prepared by our resident chef. We constantly look to diversify the ingredients that go into our bowl dishes.따옴표

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